Project Fresh Start

Project Fresh Start’s mission is to increase the personal safety of battered or similarly victimized individuals by intervening with abusive individuals.

Project Fresh Start works toward accomplishing this mission on a daily basis. Through its service provision conducted within the District Court system, Project Fresh Start keeps the court and the victim informed of the offender’s progress in completing the sentence imposed. The project monitors all court-ordered domestic violence counseling, substance abuse counseling, AIDS testing and specialized services. The project assists the defendant in making proper referrals and assists the victim in understanding the nature of the status of the service provisions.

In 1996, Jonathan J. Houston, the present Executive Director of Justice Assistance, designed and implemented the Family Violence Intervention Program to meet the requirement of General Law 12-29.9. The program is a court-ordered, 26-session group-counseling program for offenders requiring family and/or domestic violence intervention. A facilitated curriculum with thematic modules for groups of abusive men and abusive women are used. Theory on, discussion of, and inter-session and inter-related topics are discussed. In January 1998, this program was spun from Justice Assistance. Retained by Justice Assistance was the referral, monitoring and follow-up reporting provisions required by the District Court Order.

Project Fresh Start takes pride in offering these services to the courts, defendants and victims of domestic abuse. We offer a helping hand to our fellow citizens and a partnership to our fellow domestic violence service providers.