Project Restitution

Project Restitution’s mission is to provide the court with a sentencing alternative for offenders that is both constructive and appropriate for the offense.

Project Restitution works toward accomplishing this mission on a daily basis. Through its service provision conducted within the District Court system, Project Restitution insures that victims of crime are repaid for any losses and damages they have suffered. The objective is to make the offenders aware that they are responsible for their actions; that there are consequences to them and others as a result of these actions and when a crime has been committed, the offender has an obligation to the community and to the victims to make amends for their actions. This is accomplished through court-ordered restitution, court-ordered community service or any other court-ordered sanction.

In 1981, Jonathan J. Houston, the present Executive Director of Justice Assistance – per request of the Rhode Island General Assembly – designed a restitution sanction that was proportional to the harm occasioned and the seriousness of the offense. In 1982, the service was recognized by the United States Department of Justice as an “exemplary program.” In 1997, the program was expanded throughout the court system statewide.

Project Restitution takes pride in offering new beginnings to individual offenders. We offer a helping hand to our fellow citizens and a partnership to our fellow service providers.