Project Victim Services

Project Victim Services’ mission is to assure that crime victims in Rhode Island are treated with the respect and dignity called for in Rhode Island General Law 12-28 entitled the Victims’ Bill of Rights.

Project Victim Services works toward accomplishing this mission on a daily basis. Through its advocacy and service provision conducted within the Superior Court system and District Court system, Project Victim Services keeps the victim informed of the status of their case, assists the victim in collecting meaningful restitution, assists the victim in making proper referral and assists the victim in understanding and participating in their court case.

In 1983, Jonathan J. Houston, the present Executive Director of Justice Assistance, authored Rhode Island’s Victims’ Bill of Rights. In 1985, with private sector support, Project Victim Services was designed and implemented. In 1986, the program expanded from Sixth Division District Court to a statewide service delivery system within the Superior Court. Also in 1986, Mr. Houston authored Article 1, Section 23 of the State Constitution; further outlining the rights afforded a crime victim. This constitutional amendment was the first of its kind in the United States.

Project Victim Services takes pride in offering new beginnings to individual victims and victimized businesses. We offer a helping hand to our fellow citizens and a partnership to our fellow victim service providers.